Monday, November 2, 2015

Geometric Constructions and Algebra Linear Functions Lead our Mathematics early this year...

Math Advertisement with Geometric Constructions
Geometry students in LC9A have been working hard on geometric constructions.  Part of the assessment for this unit include a project.  An example here shows an advertisement for the joy and power of mathematics.  Students have to use all constructions that we have been studying in their advertisements for math.  In the written exam part of the assessment, geometry students are challenged with integrating the algebra with our geometric concepts.  But they do see how it all comes together.

Algebra students dive deeper into their study of linear functions.  This includes multiple ways of graphing, domain, range, ,intercepts, slope, and applications.  The Algebra assessment also included a project where students had to justify their choice of method for graphing, while describing key features, then presenting it to to others.  The written exam part of the Algebra assessment is also challenging and encompasses all the concepts and applications.

This school year has already been enriching in all aspects of the mathematics and applications that we have studied.

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